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Scripts Pro - Screenwriting on the Go app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2384 ratings )
Productivity Entertainment Education
Developer: Inkless Ideas LLC
9.99 USD
Current version: 4.0.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 05 Feb 2010
App size: 48.48 Mb

**** All New for iOS 9 in 2017!

The #1 selling iphone movie script writing app in the world is now even better!

Now Fountain Compatible!

100% new revision is Smooth and Beautiful - You will fall in love with writing all over again!

* Featured in New and Noteworthy, In the Directors Chair
* Featured in New and Noteworthy, Focus on Writing
* Top 100 iPhone and iPad Productivity app in 100+ countries
* "Beautiful new interface makes screenwriting a breeze" -
* "Scripts Pro focuses on the creative process, giving you the space and freedom to unleash your full creative energy onto the page." - iPhone Life Magazine
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* "Use your iPad to write that Oscar winning script anytime, anywhere with Scripts Pro." - G4TV

Designed for film and television screenwriters – Scripts Pro automatically generates industry standard screenplay formatting so you stay focused on writing.

Scripts Pro imports, exports, and preserves your Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain (*NEW!), and formatted Text files from most desktop script writing software.

Scripts Pro is optimized for both iPad and iPhone. No need to purchase 2 separate versions!

When writing in Scripts Pro you forget about the app and stay focused on your story. There is no cluttered interface or complex inputs to learn.

Create, edit, or review your scripts whenever creativity strikes - in the coffee shop, in the loo, walking your dog, on the metro, in bed when a blockbuster idea strikes – anytime, anywhere!

Fully compatible with Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain (*NEW!), PDF, html, and TXT files.

Uses industry-standard Tab and Return for automatic element insertion (e.g., if you hit “Return” after a Character Name, Scripts Pro will automatically format the next area as Dialogue).


- Fully compatible with Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain (*NEW!), PDF, html, and TXT files

- All your scripts stay up to date & backed up across all your iOS devices – Automatically.

- 1-click Dropbox backup and file sharing

- Insert script notes in areas needing further attention or collaboration input

- Speak your Script into Existence!

- Formatting, fdx notes, font treatments & index cards are preserved round-trip. You can even work with Movie Magic and Movie Draft using formatted .txt files.

– Both Script-Specific and iOS Pop Up Suggestions make writing faster and less tedious

- Clean Uncluttered Layout in Portrait and Landscape

- Attach an image to a Script for easy visual association

- Import & Export from Dropbox, iTunes, iCloud, History, and Email via FDX, Fountain (*NEW!), PDF and more

- Access earlier Script versions from our unique History mode – Your own Script Time Machine!

- See your scripts in exact Studio format with accurate page numbering

- Intuitive features include 1-touch scene and character switching, icon toolbar, intuitive Tab and Return buttons, and more

- Use your external Bluetooth keyboard to hammer out that award winning script anytime, anywhere

- Wirelessly print scripts from your iDevice

- Robust rendering engine provides blazing fast desktop-like performance with no lags

- Our team is here for you 24/7 - Email us with questions, suggestions, or to just say “Hi” at

Thanks for letting us help you write that Hollywood blockbuster movie script with the ultimate screenwriting tool for the iPad and iPhone - Scripts Pro!

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Pros and cons of Scripts Pro - Screenwriting on the Go app for iPhone and iPad

Scripts Pro - Screenwriting on the Go app good for

Ok the App is really cool but i requested (with an E-Mail)... 1 Infos for Locations! 2 more Infos about the characters! 3 other languages (behause im German)! 4 And a ios 7 Design! They answered me and Said That all would be possible except the languages (for yet) because there is Not enough Time! So for the currently Version i give 3 Stars! For the upcomming update 4 Stars because it Going to bebe awseome! And when there will be some other languages it will be 5 Stars!
Simple and straightforward. Needs some improvements but the developers is interested in hearing feedback from users.
So far the best of all screenwriting apps. And I have tested at least 5 of the best rated script apps. This app is better than the Final Draft Writer.
Thank you for this great app - its the only one I need to sketch scene ideas on the road. It will certainly get even better with bluetooth-keyboard support (tab-key i.e.). And since I am not a friend of Final Draft, Id be more than happy if there was the Movie Magic Screenwriter format included. But still 4 stars so far, the fifth coming soon...
The new upgrade is a game changer. It works fluently with Final Draft 8 files without any problems during the import/export process, which is important with regard to handle your files via clouding. The option to export to PDF in the next update might be a nice and useful add-on.
Is the App optimized for new iPad (Retina)? Please translate it to German ;)

Some bad moments

okay, so some positive points. import/export works well, unless you cant open the file, & you have to try it several times to get access to your file. the characters pop up is handy, too bad it doesnt work with a BT keyboard. when you have different version or format of a text, no way to know which is which... doing corrections is a knightmare. the copy/past function gives very odd results... impossible to do corrections while in presentation mode, regardin text or presentation itself. no word or pages format dont find this app handy.
I bought this app believing that is professional and good developed, thou this crashed and corrupted three scripts in work.
A great program got even better... And now with a built-in bug report... Use it, the developer is listening very closely to every suggestion. I am using it for a month now on an almost daily basis... A clear recommendation! Update 25.9.: 3 months later it seems like the developer lost interest in further developing this program. No more updates although promised. Some bugs that are only apparent in longterm use are still there (annoyingly slow response of keyboard, word completion is missing). Thats sad since the previous version was much faster and had word completion implemented. Thats the reason I stopped using the app. Now I am waiting for celtx to do a port. Disappointing...
...then this app lags so hard it becomes totally unusable. i cant recommend this app.
This is a great looking app that is totally unusable. I really do look forward to the day when a proper version is released, but for now, dont spend the money on it - its not a tool you can be productive with. Sorry Steven M. Levinson. I am experiencing a great deal of lag while typing. Im on page 64 of my screenplay, and it now takes this app about 7 seconds to catch up to what my fingers just typed. Sadly, this makes what would otherwise be a great app totally unusable.
Completely unusable for working with feature length projects from final draft. Absolute waste of money. The lag on the keyboard makes it impossible to work with, not to mention the frequent crashes. I got screwed. "Pro?" Absolutely not for pros, avoid at all costs! Was not able to use this program even once to edit a script. Will update my review if they fix all the problems, right now this is the most I have been ripped off in the app store. How can they charge for a program that is completely broken? Avoid!

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filmmaking, writing ideas, and other. So, download free Scripts Pro - Screenwriting on the Go .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.