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Amazing app

Amazing app

Doesnt wirk

Doesnt work on iOs 3.1.2 !!!

It Just works

Great app, great support, great page peeking on preview.

5 years after my initial review, the developer hasn't added a few key features

Scripts Pro is by and large a great substitute for Final Draft on my iPad, and it makes your script look really sexy too. One big feature that's missing is the ability to navigate by page numbers in edit mode. Page numbering is only available in a preview mode, while editing mode essentially presents an unbroken continuously scrolling script. As the app makers must know, screenplay structure relies heavily on act breaks and midpoints falling around familiar page lengths, in both TV and film. But when I need to return to that scene on page 48, scrolling is tedious, and it's hard to use the scene navigator -- spec scripts aren't numbered, so trying to remember the scene number is like asking someone to find a penny that was thrown in the ocean an hour ago. So a page navigator would be great. Input the page number, and jump to that scene in the editor. Or from preview mode, double tap a slugline to jump to it in the editor. Can't wait until these features are added and then I can give this app 5 stars instead of 4! Edit: I posted this review 5 years ago and unfortunately the features I requested above have not been added, so I'm downgrading my rating to 2 stars for lack of developer responsiveness. Regardless, I have another feature request: a way to copy/paste chunks of a script containing multiple scene elements (sluglines, dialogue, action, etc.) without losing the formatting.


While the app does provide a very pretty interface, particularly in terms of the visual association with scripts, the issues outnumber the benefits. Biggest of them is isolated backing up where all your scripts disappear in the app for whatever reason and randomly reappear whenever because they'll be 'backing up' to iCloud but even if this feature is switched off, it still has this issue when creating your 'script history'.


Was my all time favorite screenwriting app. They haven’t updated this in a log time and it’s now impossible to use drop box with it and the customer service no longer replies. I think this app is dead. Shame. Guess it’s time to look for something that is working.

well done. but dropbox problems.

love the app. i would choose laptop over phone/tablet to write any day but this has everything you need to review work and make quick edits. definitely handy when you don’t have the computer with you. works seamlessly with Final Draft. for the past couple of weeks though i keep getting an error when i try to import scripts from dropbox. “Connection error. The connection to drop box timed out, please try again later” otherwise this app is a 5 easy.

Can’t export

Good thing I worked for hours on a script only to have it completely unable to export. Bad app. Don’t buy.

Love it

But when I export to PDF the apostrophes are not showing correctly... gives me a( ^ )symbol...


I write and direct as a hobby and absolutely LOVE this app for putting together scripts and screenplays. It is simple and easy to use. I still can’t believe it’s so cheap. The developers should consider a additional features, which they could fund with a small monthly subscription fee - similar to the Adobe Premier or Filmstro business models. I only wish there were a desktop version, but I’m not complaining. Five stars. Love it.

No longer works with dropbox

Use to be one of my favorite apps but this hasn’t worked with deopbox syncing for more then half a year. I went ahead and started using another app. Fix your app!

I like it

This is a good app. It’s simple clean and easy to use. My one and only gripe is that the import from Dropbox isn’t working. If the developer could please look at this I would greatly appreciate it as I know many others would as well. Very good app otherwise. Thank you for its creation.

Great app!

Great app. I use it all the time. Not sure why it gets such low reviews. It’s amazing and free. And works offline unlike some of the others.

Another half-assed app supposed to make screenwriting easier

This app is such garbage. Moving, spacing, editing are all a struggle. Instead of getting ideas down you’re constantly fighting with the app. Also, when you try to import from Dropbox it says “error: connection to Dropbox timed out.” There is no circumstance when it doesn’t say this.

WAS a great app, one of the best screenwriting apps

I’m really sad to have to give this app one star, even though it’s one of my absolute favorite writing tools. Why? Because they haven’t updated the app in over a year, look at the release notes, some of the most recent releases are talking about iOS 9... we’re on iOS 11 and continuing to truck along. I really wish the app developers would continue to support this, but it appears I’ll have to move to another screenwriting application. :(

Months of work disappeared entirely

Was a big fan of this app, until a script I'd been working on for several months vanished into thin air. In fact, without warning, all my screenplays were gone. Thankfully it was more of a side project than something I'd focused on, which is why I'd never saved it out of the app, but this is a wholly unacceptable bug In short, do not use this app without exporting your work frequently.

Scrivener NOT ScriptPro is My Go-to Screenwriting App!

As an MS Word App user, Scrivener - NOT ScriptPro provides everything I was looking for in scriptwriting on the go, including a seamless transition from Word files. (ScriptPro programmers take note and update your file transitions please!)

Was a big fan of this app, but...

App stopped syncing with Dropbox. As soon as I select “Import from Dropbox” I get a time out message. Can’t seem to find anywhere in settings to update the connection so I can access my .fdx files in-app (as others have reported). The above is not the reason for 1 star review as I don’t know if this is an issue on my end. The low review is because I haven’t gotten any responses to support emails. I know app developers can’t control all the variables that lead to technical challenges from users, but you can control whether or not you respond to support inquiries from customers. I look forward to (hopefully) having this resolved and giving this app the 5 stars it deserves.

Anyone suggest a better app?

The whole purpose of getting this is to sync with DropBox, buuuut it times out after 10 seconds and keeps telling me to try later. There's no point to something if it doesn't work when I want it to. Should I be talking to it nicer?

Bugs and No more Dropbox?

Now we have a new problem. This program won't sync with Dropbox at all. And most of the time it won't work correctly when I attempt to export my scripts anywhere. It makes me hate that I have so many scripts on this thing because now they are in limbo of whether or not I'll be able to even save them to some external source. Like google drive and drop box would both be good options.


There are some MUCH needed improvements: 1. The TAB functions are not in the optimal order - After writing a piece of dialogue, when I hit RETURN it should default to a new CHARACTER, not ACTION. More often than not, a finished piece of dialogue is followed by a new CHARACTER, and then that character's line of dialogue. By defaulting to ACTION after a piece of dialogue, I have to hit TAB until it cycles ALL THE WAY AROUND to then get to CHARACTER. It is very frustrating. SOLUTION: After DIALOGUE, the next TAB function should be CHARACTER (not ACTION). 2. I am using a VERY popular BLUE TOOTH KEYBOARD by Logitech. When I hit RETURN on the BLUE TOOTH keyboard it does not have the same function as when I hit RETURN on the iOS keyboard. For Example - After a CHARACTER name, when I hit RETURN on the iOS keyboard, it automatically brings me into DIALOGUE. This works flawlessly. BUT, on the Bluetooth Keyboard in the same scenario, after writing a CHARACTER name and I hit RETURN, is brings the cursor into a NEW CHARACTER NAME... this is BROKEN. I would never want to write one character name, and then hit RETURN and go into another character name without any dialogue being written for the original character. Your programming for blue tooth keyboards needs to be updated in accordance with your functionality on the iOS keyboard. Thank you. I look forward to changing my review once the app has been fine tuned. It is EXTREMELY promising. Has the makings of the best Screenwriting App. I've used Final Draft (Mac OS and iOS), Celtx (Mac OS and iOS) and FADE IN. This is definitely the best iOS screenwriting app in terms of design, but it terms of functionality Final Draft is superior albeit cumbersome. The edge to edge display of text is wonderful, Final Draft for iOS makes for a terrible use of space. But the TAB and RETURN functions on Scripts Pro desperately need the changes I've mentioned. Thanks again!


It's so weird that you can't export to email if you use an app other than the one that comes with the phone. Please fix that!!

New features

Can you allow the app to make sides easily. And allow for colored revision pages. Makes life easier. Please and thanks.

IOS 10?

I just purchased this because it was to be able to import a txt or PDF file. I can import, but the files look bad... i.e., nothing is formatted. Looks like it needs to be updated to use iOS 10.

Great app but...

I love this app, but recently got final draft 10 and tried opening one of my screenplays from this app and it says it's not compatible. Please fix, this was man reason why I got this app.

Other Language Unspported!!

I bought this and found out that my language, Korean, is not supported at all. Everything written in Korean comes out in alien marks, which is ridiculous. If I can get refund, I would. OR, please fix this problem in a hurry. This is a serious problem because I haven't had been warned about this. The UI and stability is great. Only language variety so far. Please, please.

Ignore the dummies...

I'm not sure why some fools on here are saying you can't import txt files or use Dropbox. I imported a script that was in txt format into this app from Dropbox. Worked fine. That functionality is even explained in the quick tutorial when you first open the app. Also takes fdx files. The script doesn't look very well formatted when you are writing in the app but if you use the "preview" feature it presents your script in a very cool, flip style presentation with the script formatted just as you will see when you print it- which you can also do from the app. Backup your work and use the cloud and you won't lose your work. Ignore the haters...and the dolts. This app works great.


I used to love this app now I can neither import or export my files from dropbox making it nearly worthless to me. I will continue to leave negative reviews daily until this is fixed.

Scripts Pro

The app deleted a script I wrote. I can't find the script. I saved it tried going back to it and the entire thing was gone.... Don't get this app.

Some bugs here and there. Not meant for long scripts.

This software is almost okay for being a short (less than 10 pages) screenwriting software. Anything more than that and it lacks features and it's slower to type on. It's very pretty though. But otherwise it has issues exporting to pdf sometimes. You can't just tab or return to automatically add character names and you must hit the dialogue box after hitting return after a character name.

Lost script

Absolutely unacceptable for a paid app like this. I just wrote a script, saved it, and the script is nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere on the app and it's gone. I was able to find an older version of the script and some old ones I've written, but one of the old ones is corrupt for no reason other than the app being terrible. I am so disappointed. Wrote a script start to finish, only to have it deleted by the apps inability to save properly.


Just downloaded it, paid 10$ and it doesn't import PDFs, txt, nor docx. I'm contacting Apple and getting a refund for this piece of crap. Don't waste your time.

Pretty good

I only have a few complaints. Copy/paste could use work. It puts everything into the same format, whether it's dialogue or scene description. Also, it always put a "&" before the pasted section, and ";nbsp" or something like that at the end. Also, while it's great that it remembers character names in the character format, it should also suggest them in the action format, so I don't have to capitalize and write a name every time someone does something.

Almost perfect

Wish it would keep formatting when copy/paste. Other than that it's perfect... Really like a 4.5

I'm Impressed

Being a complete novice at formatting a script, this has come in very handy.

Best Screenwriting App!

I love this app! Clean, uncluttered, beautiful UI. Love the navigation/insertion icons and ability to see numbered Scenes and hop to any with 1 click (screen #s are not on script b/c this app is targeted to spec/submission scripts). It is the ONLY app that does not have iCloud automatic sync issues!! Only App that saves and syncs Final Draft & Celtx & Fountain files without crashing! Has import from history option – just in case in delirium I mess up what was a great script and want to go back in time and get earlier script version. Future app requests: ‘index card’ look/sorting; script info (# words,etc.). But – can’t emphasize enough that this app WORKS GREAT and LOOKS GREAT. Well done Scripts Pro!


For ten bucks, I expected a LOT more from this app. But it cannot even number your scenes! You don't know how many pages you've written unless you go on the preview mode. And, as all scriptwriters know, we do a lot of rewrites on our scripts, but this app doesn't allow you to copy-paste parts of your document into another file. If you copy some scenes, for example, and paste it into a new file, it would scramble up. It won't keep its formatting. Hell, even if you copy-paste in the same document, like moving up some scenes to another page, it won't keep the scenes' original format, so you have to do the formatting all over again. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

Excellent for Screenwriting on the Go!

Perfect screenwriting app for my screenwriting on the go needs. Also love the ability to export what I have done to the fountain format to continue writing on my desktop. Keep up the great work!


Embarrasses FinalDraft. Great UI. Couldn't recommend enough for a mobile screenplay software.

Save fix?

Has the saving issue been fixed?

Waste of time on ipad. Is this a con?

I have wasted so much time trying to get this app to work on my ipad. I mean hours. The problem is it does not save your work. So be very aware of that!!! You may spend time writing to find out you wasted your thoughts and time. I have contacted them and they have suggested several solutions but none have enabled the program to work like any other normal program works. namely being able to SAVE???? What bozos would develop a program that can't save your work???? For some stupid reason they've designed this so you have to be connected to icloud for it to save. As stupid as that is, it still does not save even when I am icloud enabled and connected to the internet. I have asked for my money back. If they are honest folks they will promptly return my money. If only they could return to me the hours wasted on this joke.

Can't import and save

I wrote 4 scripts with this app last year and I loved it. I even recommended to colleges. I updated it and now my scripts are gone. Luckily i backed them up. I found them, open them, can edit them, but can't save them. Now I love this app when it saved and I gave it one star because what's the point of the app if you can't save.

Almost Perfect

Great app to write any type of a script with. The only drawback is sometimes the opinions tabs don't fully open.

Great way to write your own plays

This app is great because you get to write your own plays and scripts and you can add your favorite character... I strongly recommend this for playwriting


After working on a script for three or four weeks, the script has suddenly disappeared and I can't find it in my script history or anywhere. Please help.

Screenwriting Simplicity

The thing I like the most about this app is that it doesn't get in the way of the creative process. It has all the power and features of desktop applications, yet is simple enough to flesh out ideas on the go quickly and efficiently.

Didn't Save

Wrote for two days on a detailed outline. App didn't save any of it.

I like it after update

But can u please add right to left language support i write in the app and work fine but after export they come to left . Thanks

UPDATED: Great App, even better support.

VERSION 4.0 UPATED REVIEW: The long awaited update to Scripts Pro is FINALLY here. All of the bugs introduced in iOS 8 I experienced have been fixed -- fantastic news. With the long development delay, I feared Scripts Pro was no longer being supported. I reluctantly checked out the other screenwriting apps to see if I could find a replacement, but I couldn't find one that worked in the way I had grown accustomed to with Scripts Pro. To my elation, Scripts Pro has practically risen from the dead to bring us a killer update. The new layout initially surprised me with its simplicity. It looked unusual to not have the menu on the right hand side, but I immediately became comfortable with the sparse layout and even more thoughtful key-shortcuts than before. I don't have much to add to my review, but I will say this: even though the iOS screenwriting app landscape has grown to include big hitter mobile apps like Celtx and Final Draft, I still find Scripts Pro to be the ONLY worthwhile screenwriting software on the App Store. I love it, and the competitors could learn a thing or two from Scripts Pro. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I have been using my iPad and this app for the last year or so exclusively for all of my screenwriting. When I first purchased it, it was the only real option on the App Store that had offline editing -- an essential feature for me as I do a lot of traveling planes and to places without wifi. As of now, there is still no other app that can be it it for screenwriting. As for recent reviews -- iOS 8 introduced some bugs. I contacted support about a couple strange things I was experiencing...and got. A reply back within 4 hours. They are polite, helpful, and best of all dedicated to the app (unlike many developers who put out an app and never support it with bigfixes or improvements). They explained how ios 8 had caused new problems and what they were doing to fix it. Bugs happen, but the fast communication makes me feel confident in this developer. On a side note, they informed me that a new version with updated features was delayed to fix these ios 8 bugs, but is coming in the near future. Can't wait to see what's in store.

Update deleted my scripts

The app is still great except for the fact that all of my scripts are gone.

Scripts Don't Save

After jotting ideas with the app went back to update. Didn't save. Bloody hell! Thought it was user error tested few other times same issue. Can't trust it with creativity.

How do you save?!? UPDATE

Just as the other reviewer noted. There is no save button and just tapping "done" does not save your document. Am I missing something? Good support! They emailed back saying that iCloud needs to be enabled for the app in your phone settings. Saves as expected now. If they just integrated an index card capability, it would be perfect.

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